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The Twisted Spine Physical Therapy Program 

What is scoliosis?


Scoliosis is a sideways rotational curvature of the spine. In the presence of

scoliosis, the vertebrae (bones) of the spine form a curved line,e thus

causing the spine to twist.


What is the Schroth Method?


The Schroth Method is a conservative physical therapy approach to help

people living with scoliosis and kyphosis. Kyphosis and scoliosis are

conditions of the spine and they can occur together or independently of one


What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis is an exaggerated forward rounding of the upper back. The upper

back naturally has a normal physiologic kyphosis as a part of its resting

posture. This normal forward curvature can become excessive and make a

person feel like they are hunched over or slouching.


Symptoms of Scoliosis

  • Uneven shoulders

  • One shoulder more prominent than the other

  • Uneven waist

  • Uneven hip height

  • One side of ribs more prominent than the other

  • A prominence on one side of the back when bending forward

  • Pain in the neck or back 

  • Limited motion of the spine, rib cage and pelvis

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Image 2-25-24 at 1.44 PM.jpeg

Symptoms of Kyphosis

  • Rounded shoulders

  • Curve or hump in the upper back

  • Pain in the middle or lower back

  • Rounded back appearance

  • Difficulty breathing

History of the Schroth Method:


The Schroth Method is a physical therapy based system of exercises

designed to address scoliosis and kyphosis. It was developed in Germany

by Katharina Schroth (1894-1985), a scoliosis sufferer herself. She,

ultimately, opened a clinic in Germany to help individuals living with spine

curvatures. Her daughter, Christa Lehnert-Schroth, a trained physical

therapist, worked with her on further developing her exercises into a full

systematic evidence based approach. Although no longer owned by the

Schroth family, the Asklepios Katharina-Schroth Klinic in Bad Sobernheim,

Germany today treats over 1000 patients annually.


Schroth at a Glance:


The Schroth Method physical therapy approach must be delivered by a

Schroth Certified Physical Therapist. Most insurance carriers cover this

treatment as a part of skilled physical therapy. A physician referral for

physical therapy with a scoliosis/kyphosis diagnosis is required.

The Schroth Method can be used to treat patients with scoliosis and

kyphosis of all ages and in all stages of treatment both non-surgical and

pre/post surgical.


How Schroth Works:


The Schroth Method is designed to build awareness of posture and

alignment through positioning and exercise. With guided repetition, the

exercises will build on motor learning principles to establish self

corrections in resting postures and functional activities. Everyone’s spine

curvatures are different and once the individual becomes familiar with their

curve pattern, they can learn how to correct their postural positions,

perform strengthening where needed and apply proper breathing patterns

as appropriate. Frequently performing the Schroth exercises on a regular

basis will achieve optimal results.



What should I expect during a Schroth treatment session?

During the physical therapy initial evaluation a full medical history will be

obtained, imaging reviewed and a full assessment of the curvature, arms

and legs will be made. Together we will set goals to achieve during your

episode of care.

All follow up sessions will be conducted keeping the long term goals in

mind and in keeping with the Schroth Exercise Principles. The exercises

will be performed in different positions for function. Clothes that allow for

easy access to the back, shoulders, ribs and pelvis should be worn to


LevinWell Fitness & Rehab has physical therapists who are certified in

Schroth Method to treat your scoliosis and kyphosis. Contact us for more


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